Seven days until our article on the PHB 2 drops — can you tell I’m excited about it? Want to read about something specific? I’ll be writing about the book from a GMing perspective, and topic suggestions are most welcome.

Gnome Rodeos are our regular link roundups. Provided everyone doesn’t simultaneously stop talking about GMing for a week, you should see one most Fridays.

GMing Regulars

→ Dungeon Mastering: Yax is hosting Epic Vacations — two weeks of D&D 4e, with a campaign that will take you from 1st to 30th level…in Kauai, Hawai’i. Fuck. Yeah. This has been getting all sorts of buzz, and rightly so — how amazing would this be? In regular content, recent highlights include a review of Dungeon Delve for 4e and ways to kick off a fantasy campaign, some ordinary, others decidedly out of the ordinary.

→ Musings of the Chatty DM: Phil’s too wrapped up in his copy of the PHB 2 (which he will also be blogging about on 3/13) to post much at the moment, but a little while back he did a nice writeup of Grognardia.

→ Roleplaying Tips: There’s good stuff in issue 431’s article on fantasy “help wanted” ads, and an excellent piece on how to handle game cancellations in issue 434.

GMing-tronic links

→ Courtesy of Johnn Four on Twitter, this is a fantastic resource for any modern game: thousands upon thousands of floor plans. I used to love the 1e Shadowrun sourcebooks with floorplans in them (Sprawl Sites comes to mind), and I got tons of use out of them.

→ Win a set of solid metal dice from Gnome Stew: I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our current contest — the prize is a set of Dwarven Gnomish Stones metal dice from Crystal Caste. These are killer, killer dice. Contest ends next Tuesday morning.

→ Campaign Mastery, the blog companion to Roleplaying Tips, offers a nifty Ask the GMs feature: you ask Johnn and Mike a GMing question, and they answer it on the blog. We do this here on the Stew, with our Suggestion Pot, and we love fielding reader questions — some great articles have grown out of Suggestion Pot comments.

→ Runes of Gallidon — a collaborative worldbuilding site that’s way more than a wiki — has opened their RPG module up for business. New content has been coming in: The Light at Bodkin Bay is a free adventure, and there’s some sharp artwork, too — I particularly like “Serenity” and “Castle Approach.”

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