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Hey, remember the awesome solo play game Exiles of the Wicked Maze that we wrote an article on a while back? Just a note that the publisher, Fishwife Games keep cranking out cool new stuff (Mr. Woodrum is nothing if not prolific). They just came out with their newest maze game, Tales of the Atomic Bard, a game about a mutant bard trying to gain enough money and rep to make it to the big time in Arcadia city. Just like Exiles, this one hits the sweet spot for easy play and crazy concept. Love it!
There's a man who knows how to rock out!

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    Thank you very much for the wonderful write up! And thank you again for the kind words originally posted about my first maze game, Exiles of the Wicked Maze. Your post and the Gnome Stew gaming blog really provided a big boost for my efforts… which in turn allowed me to give the thought of making more maze based games serious consideration. So, that said, I would have never created the Micro-Maze lines and the upcoming Maze Slayer system would not exist without your original article.
    I hope to continue to make many more Micro-Maze adventure games with my quirky little maze/symbol/chart format and will be providing a variety of different themes and genres to explore down the road.


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