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It’s that time of the year again, where as a belated holiday gift, I hand out my accumulated B-string campaign ideas from the previous year. Lucky you!  The real gift however, is the ideas in the comments section from readers.

These are not only great campaign ideas, but they can be dropped into an ongoing game as a new location hook. And if you’re on the lookout for a new campaign idea, maybe for New Year New Game? don’t forget that we have 3 years worth of previous articles.

Play Within a Play:
33445_6947Based on a joke character I ran years ago, this campaign has two layers. The inner layer is a standard campaign in a normal system.  The outer layer is that you’re not playing that game. You’re playing the players of that game. To that end each PC has a handful of skills (resolved like bennies) such as “Bribe the GM’s sweet tooth” “Flirt with the GM” “Find rule loophole” or “Cheat like a madman”. In addition to these game-breaking skills which can be used to twist the game in your favor,  the meta-players are a dysfunctional lot, so “in character” arguments about loot division, cheating, or who slept with who’s girlfriend, intra-party backstabbing, and general asshattery are the rules of the day.  Have fun with it!

Better late than never:
1358440_82303597Originally conceived around White Wolf’s Vampire game, An elder vampire learns of a ghost ship drifting in the sea near an isolated port. This ship was delivering a powerful artifact and diplomats. The PC’s elders want these, but they have one problem: It’s not their city. The PCs are transported to the city and tasked with grabbing and holding control of enough of it to receive the lost ship and it’s contents when it finally docks.  While written for Vampire, with minor tweaks it could work for almost any setting.

Dwarven Junkyard:
796383_71035677Dwarves are prolific builders, engineers and mechanics, but even dwarven technology breaks down and gets obsolete from time to time and is thrown into one of the “bottomless” chasms near their underground cities. In these nighted depths, tribes of humanoids of all types fight for the precious resources from above led by their cargo cult shaman and tinker kings, jury rigging and repurposing what they can and quarreling over choice caches of refuse.

What about you? What campaigns do you have backburnered that you’re unlikely to ever run?