Our GMing Q&A Forum has crossed the 10 day mark — and is growing every day — and I’d like to share a few highlights from last week’s threads: proxemics, computer aids and the ideal group size.

• Glendower is looking for info on your gaming room setup in Proxemics and gaming environments. “Proxemics” is defined as follows:

Spatial relationships and territorial boundaries directly influence our daily encounters. Maintaining control over such space is a key factor in personal satisfaction; observing spatial interactions in everyday life is a key to personal awareness.

• masterzora’s thread on computer aids for GMs has been generating some excellent responses — from using a wiki to organize game date to custom Excel spreadsheets.

• psychoph asked the question “What is a good group size?” and started a discussion about “sweet spots” and the various factors that go into finding your ideal group size.

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Are these forum roundups useful to you? Have you seen any forum threads that you’re particularly excited about?