Gnomenclature is an evolving document. As time goes on, old definitions go out of style (remember the “Caller?”), new definitions emerge (take a Tardis back to the 1980s and ask someone what a “pdf” is), and some definitions change over time. As the GNOMEnclature STEWard (okay, that made me giggle and groan at the same time :)), I’ll be periodically updating the glossary.

If you’re a glossary junkie like me, you’ll probably want to keep checking back to see what’s changed. With the size of our glossary, this can be a daunting task, and frustrating if you go from A to Z and not find anything new. I could keep adding updates to the comments, but that’s going to get unwieldly after a while.

Instead, I’ve decided to add a “Latest Updates” line to the top of the glossary. Not only will you see the updates (or lack thereof), but they will be linked to the new definitions. Cool, huh?