I can’t take credit for this idea — it comes from two of the other GMs in my group: Don, whose yeti bobbler (illustrated here) has been his GMing mascot for years, and Sam, who keeps a little skull on hand to improve his die rolls.

I’ve enjoyed both of their mascots for the past couple of years, and at this year’s GenCon I decided to pick up a mascot for myself — B.A. Felton, the GM from “Knights of the Dinner Table.”

I had B.A. at the gaming table for the first time at last week’s Burning Empires session, and it was fun to have a mascot. That’s the whole reason for this post: I’ve never had a GMing mascot before, and I enjoyed starting a new gaming tradition.

It didn’t improve my GMing (and I’m not convinced the skull improves Sam’s die rolls…), but it was neat. If you’ve never had a GMing mascot, give it a whirl — you might enjoy it. And if you do have a mascot, I hope you’ll tell us about it in the comments.