Worldwide Adventure Writing Month ended July 31st, and we emailed our completed monstrosity to Jeff, the WoAdWriMo coordinator, with just a few hours to spare.

“Gnomes Gone Wild” features six encounters by six different authors using six different game systems. It’s every bit as playable as it sounds!

Already sold? Download the PDF now — or read on for the gory details.

The Greatest Encounters Ever Written

It’s like pissing gasoline into a volcano!

Porno + gnomes + Fudge = Gnaughty Gnomish Gnurses in “Is That a Warhammer In Your Pocket, or are You Just Happy to See Me?” by Patrick Benson.

Frozen Hell is a garden gnome LARP by Walt Ciechanowski. Mascara optional.

The World of Synnibarr‘s talking raccoons attack in TALKING RACCOON GUARDIANS OF THE PLATYPUS BIOENGINEERING FACTORY (by me).

Munchkins from Oz, meet munchkins from D&D 3.5e in Kurt “Telas” Schneider’s When Munchkins Attack!.

Gnomes battle dog-men in Wild, Wild, West, a d20 Modern encounter by Troy E. Taylor.

The Sands of Gnome Island by Matthew J. Neagely: The Babewatch RPG. Pamela Andergnome. ‘Nuff said.

You also get a pregen for every system (except the LARP) — and we recommend using a seventh and completely different system to run this thing.

You Know You Want It

Your brain says no, but your downloading finger says yes, yes, YES! You can’t resist these 36 pages of pure, unbridled gaming goodness.

Download “Gnomes Gone Wild” (direct link to PDF).

Our Challenge to You

We dare you to actually play “Gnomes Gone Wild.” If you do, come back and tell us about it.