I finally made a change I’ve been waffling about for months: I switched the search box you see in the blog sidebar from WordPress’s crappy built-in search function to a simple script that calls up results in Google.

WP’s native search is awful — it only searches blog posts (not comments, and certainly not the forums or wiki), includes partial matches by default, doesn’t filter common words (search for “the,” get every post in the archives) and returns results in date order. Bleh.

Google, by contrast, is Google: You can now search the entire site — blog posts and pages, comments, forums and wiki — all at once, which gives you access to the full spectrum of GMing advice and ideas from the TT community.

When I sit down to write a post, I search TT to make sure that I haven’t covered that exact topic before (after almost two years, it’s easy to forget!), and to find posts to link in for additional info. It had reached the point where I was visiting Google to do that, so I can only imagine that TT readers have been similarly frustrated.

I’m sorry the search function sucked before — hopefully you’ll get much better mileage out of the new hotness.