I haven’t done a forum roundup for a while, so I figured I’d do one today — there’re some great discussions going on over in the Treasure Tables forums.

This week, I’d like to highlight bad GMing, evil GMs and creating a GMing wiki.

Bad GMing: Eisel has asked for examples of bad GMing, something we’ve all experienced (or done ourselves!) at one time or another. (It’s going to be tough to top the worst Dungeon Master ever, though.)

The “Evil GM” – Do your players love it or hate it?: Sometimes it’s good to be bad (even…rat bastdardly bad), and there are lots of perspectives in this thread.

Should we start a GMing advice wiki?: I’m thinking about starting a GMing wiki here on TT, and the idea’s gotten a good response so far — I’d love to hear what you think of it!

We don’t hide any forums or features (like search) from non-members –but if you’re not a member, you miss out on all the discussion. And it’s friendly, informative discussion — the best kind, just like we have here in the TT comments. So…why not join the Treasure Tables forums today?