Campaign Details: When ‘a Lot’ Becomes ‘Too Much’, a recent Save My Game column by Jason Nelson-Brown, has some incredibly accurate, succinct advice for GMs:

…Your players, for the most part, are not nearly as interested in your complex plots and elaborate setups as you are.

I couldn’t agree more — and this is something a lot of GMs overlook (at times, myself included). This tidbit comes a close second (substitute “any RPG” for “D&D”):

The tragedy of D&D is that sometimes we confuse time and effort with interest or think that the amount of time and effort we spend somehow earns us a certain degree of interest.

Other advice follows — including, interestingly enough, an explicit reference to hashing out a social contract to address these issues (and others). That’s something D&D, and RPGs in general, should do more often.