With less than a week left for voting, here’s an interesting 2007 ENnie Awards update from Michael Morris, EN World’s technical administrator (as of July 22nd):

“Most of the races are within 200 votes still, 5 are within 100 votes and one race is within 40 votes – so there’s still time to make a difference in the outcome. It is still possible for things to get down to the wire – two years ago we had a winner by a margin of 5 votes!”

As of just over one week into ENnie Awards voting, over 5,500 ballots had been cast — that’s as many votes as the 2006 ENnies saw during the entire two-week voting period!

Treasure Tables has been nominated for Best Fan Site, so the combination of a huge turnout and narrow margins is pretty nerve-wracking (although in a good way).

If you like TT, I hope you’ll take a moment to vote for Treasure Tables in the 2007 ENnies. You don’t need to vote in every category (though I hope you’ll vote in as many categories as you can), and it’s a quick process. Thank you for supporting TT!