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Gnomecast #50 – Not Just Kid Stuff

Gnome Stew's Gnomecast

Join Ang and Chris on this special 50th episode of Gnomecast! Our hosts discuss their personal history with RPGs, the state of the hobby today, and what their futures might hold. Even with 50 episodes under their belts, will the gnomes be spared a trip to the stew pot?

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1 Comment To "Gnomecast #50 – Not Just Kid Stuff"

#1 Comment By Solomon Foster On October 5, 2018 @ 8:49 am

I tried to ease my (Asperger’s) 9yo into roleplaying this summer with Amazing Tales. Two sessions in, he demanded we play Star Wars D20 instead, and these days he creates a new character (usually in a new Star Wars setting — “Dad, it’s one million years after the Battle of Yavin, and now Easy’s blaster-making company is the galaxy’s biggest corporation”) every other week or so. He’s insisted we start to play Amber DPRG too. And he wants to roleplay every chance we get.

Seems like a number of his classmates are also RPGing, so at least in Midland, the 4th grade set is ramping up to be the next generation.

Until he started on this path, I guess I was on my child-necessitated “break” from roleplaying? But that was a break that still involved going to Ambercon every year and playing in various online things. I don’t expect to give up RPGing until I am mentally incapable of doing it. (The Ambercon crowd has joked about all going to the same retirement home…)