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Gnomecast #45 – Actual Play in the World Today

Join Ang, Jared, John, and Senda on Gnomecast for a follow-up discussion of Ang’s Gnome Stew article “Actual Play, Character Death, and Fan Toxicity” [1] and a discussion about RPG sessions as public, consumable media and how they affect the hobby. Can these gnomes rally enough fan support to keep out of the stew?

https://gnomestew.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Gnomecast-045.mp3 [2]

Download: Actual Play in the World Today [2]

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1 Comment To "Gnomecast #45 – Actual Play in the World Today"

#1 Comment By Pedro Canizio On July 26, 2018 @ 11:21 am


Well a ou the Actual Play I think that it is a way of consuming game media, I can only say for my self but I don’t have many opportunities to play TableTop RPGs so the AP(Actual Play) is a very nice thing to have.
About being played in the ways of Critical Role or like any other game, I think that this doesn’t matter the listener should be aware enough that for Critical Role it’s a Job, with a very good DM and voice actors as players unless you have that, yeah your game will not be like that, I say more it’s good that your game don’t play like that because you are you and Them are them.

See what I want to say is whatever if you play professionally or not as long it’s a good game, with good role playing history and a good interaction with all participants will be a good AP to watch or listen.

About representativity go wild don’t think that has enough do it better than the others that’s the best way, show the world that they are wrong not complain that the world do spin the way you think it should spin.
I’m not saying that any of you do that, only to be clear.

Sorry for the bad English it’s not my first language.