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Gnomecast #40 – World Building

Gnome Stew's Gnomecast

Join Ang, Chris, and JT on this episode of Gnomecast as they build a setting together using randomly generated items from Matt’s Gnome Stew article “100 Overland Descriptors Table.” [1] Will these gnomes’ new world be enough to keep them out of the stew?

https://gnomestew.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Gnomecast-040.mp3 [2]

Download here: Gnomecast #40 – World Building [2]

Also referenced in this episode is Matt’s article “Steal This Area: Rhymereach.” [3] Check out the article, and for more information about map commissions, send email to mapcom.gnomestew@ gmail.com [4] and include the word “Details” in the subject line.

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