Jae Walker (gamerchick in our forums) asked me to post about Ziggurat Con, and I was happy to oblige.

The inaugural Ziggurat Con will be held at Camp Adder/Tallil Airbase, Iraq, on June 9th, 2007, and is open to all allied troops and personnel, as well as civilian military contractors. Problem is, there aren’t any good places to buy gaming books in their neck of the woods, and that’s where the good cause comes in: it’s tough to run con events without books.

If you’re so inclined, please consider donating RPG books to Ziggurat Con. There’s a list of games they’re planning to run on the con page (although all games are welcome), along with the address where you can send donations.

Update: There’s now an event list in the comments below that might help you decide what to donate. And from SPC Amberson, the con organizer, “We would love PDF versions of our favorite books.” (Thanks, VV_GM!)

I keep politics out of my posts here on TT, but I don’t view this as a political issue. These folks are fellow gamers in an incredibly shitty situation, and they want to game — that’s a good cause if there ever was one.

(I opted to order my donation via Amazon. Apart from having a deep stock at good prices, they offer helpful tips on how to make sure orders shipped to military addresses get where they’re supposed to go.)