Tourq Stevens, who runs the RPG Site of the Year awards, sent me this piece of feedback from one of the judges. The Stew was a finalist, but The Id DM won — and congratulations to that site, because it’s excellent.

Here’s the feedback:

“Gnome Stew is the daddy. A powerhouse of a site with articles from the A-List of role-playing bloggers. So why is it not in 1st place on my list?

Because I feel that it has lost its way a little, and that’s a crying shame. Other, fresher blogs are being punchier and more relevent, and Gnome Stew really needs to up its game to stay at the top of the pile. That’s a testament to Gnome Stew itself though – it is the site which many others have aspired to be, and now it has to raise the bar even higher.”

I don’t know what to make of it, so I’m putting the question to you, our readers: What do you make of it?

I care about being on the right track for us, the authors, and for you, our readers, not for the SOTY judges. But I want the site to be as useful to as many GMs as it can, and that has meant and will continue to mean changing course from time to time.