You may remember last year’s kerfluffle over the formation of OneBookShelf, a merger between RPGNow and DriveThruRPG that resulted in some interesting fallout.

Expeditious Retreat Press was pretty vocal about their concern over OBS’s new fees, and their frustration has just borne fruit: is a brand-new (as in January 1st) PDF retail site, helmed by Joseph Browning of XRP.

And there’s a promising twist: Your Games Now is a publishing cooperative. As their about page details, every YGN publisher earns a small percentage on the sale of any YGN product — not just their own material, but any product. Eeeenteresting.

Per their press release, the companies onboard at launch are: 0one Games, Arion Games, ComStar Media LLC, Dog Soul Publishing, Expeditious Retreat Press, Fiery Dragon Productions, Goodman Games, Hinterwelt Enterprises, Ki Ryn Studios, Majestic Twelve Games, Misfit Studios, Victory by Any Means Games and The Le Games. That’s a pretty solid opening lineup, particularly with XRP, Fiery Dragon and Goodman Games in the mix.

I see the potential in what YGN offers to PDF publishers, and it will be interesting to see how that relates to what YGN has to offer to PDF buyers — especially GMs. (Via Jeff’s Gameblog.)