Last week I kicked off the 4th annual You Pick It, I Review It Gen Con event. Votes were cast, and after doing a little research, I have picked two products for this year’s You Pick It. They are…

Shadows of Esteren

Shadows of Esteren



This was the first request, from 9littlebees who went the extra distance and talked right to the publisher about reviewing the book. I was already intrigued by this game the second I saw the video teaser, but what clinched it were these words: Medieval, Horrific, and Gothic. Also this game is a French import, and that has piqued my curiosity about how a Europen game looks at GMing (we are a GMing blog afterall). Overall, this game looks fantastic, and some of the French developers of the game will be at Gen Con so I will get a chance to meet with them and talk to them directly about the game.

Bonus Pick: Agents of Oblivion

Agents of Oblivion



Confession: I am just starting to run an Agents of Oblivion game, and was going to buy this book at Gen Con. It will also give me a great excuse to talk to Sean Preston about the game as well. I have read the PDF and this book has a great way to approach making a setting book, from the GM perspective. So I will happily make this my bonus pick.






Off To Gen Con

For those of you who put in suggestions and did not get picked, I am sorry I can’t pick up every game and review it. It is like this every year at Gen Con, too many good games..too few dollars.

I will report back after Gen Con with a Post Con report, and I will be updating G+ along the way. If you are at Gen Con, keep an eye out for me and come say hi.