Big News!

Today’s big news, of course: Kung-Fu Panda opens in theaters…

Oh, That Big News

Ahem. D&D 4th Edition launches today! Some of you may have already checked out the leaked PDFs, but I’m willing to bet plenty of folks are doing exactly what I’m doing: Counting the minutes until, the gods of Barnes & Noble willing, I can pick up my 4e core books after work, devour them and start answering your questions.

A Moment of Silence

If you’d like to join me in a moment of silence for our fallen brethren of the gnomish persuasion, banished forevermore to the Holy Stew Pot in the Sky, please doff your pointy hat, close your eyes, and remember them fondly. (If you’ve just fished a piece of braised svirfneblin out of the Holy Stew Pot, please chew discreetly.)

They’re in the MM, of course — or so I’m told. Gah! How many more hours until I get to skip past the 17 types of this edition’s version of slaadi and check out the bestest monster in the whole darn manual? Too many, too many.

I’m sure ghostwise tinker-tiefgnomes will be in the forthcoming Player’s Handbook II, in any case…

Will You be GMing 4e?

Anyone GMing at their FLGS for tomorrow’s Worldwide D&D Game Day? Already gearing up for your first 4e campaign?

Or will you be sipping mint juleps in complete disinterest before retiring for a drunken session of [Insert Your RPG of Choice Here] while ignoring 4e completely?