The second annual Worldwide Adventure Writing Month starts tomorrow, July 1st.

Last year’s WoAdWriMo generated seven free adventures that you can download or read online. The guidelines last year included a goal of 32 pages, but that suggestion is gone from this year’s event — you can write as little or as much as you like.

The many lazy gnomes who write Gnome Stew will be climbing out of our stew pot and creating a WoAdWriMo adventure together. Maybe “assembling a possibly unplayable mess” might be more accurate, we’ll just have to see.

We asked for an extension (see: legendary gnomish laziness), but the pitiless master nice gentleman cracking the whip while cackling madly organizing WoAdWriMo, Jeff Rients, said no. So we get 31 days (minus Independence Day and July 5th, Hangover Day), just like the rest of the world.

Want to join us and hopefully lots of other GMs in writing a free adventure for your favorite RPG? Of course you do! If nothing else, join in so you can write something better than our Frankensteinian monstrosity.