Well its that time of year. If you are a Christian you can celebrate the Christmas holiday on December 25th. If you are Jewish you can celebrate Hanukkah from sundown on December 21st to December 29th. If you are of the new school pagan variety you’ve got Winter Solstice on December 21st and if you are of the old-school pagan variety then you can celebrate the Christmas holiday because of the origins of the Christmas tree (9 drops of blood a day for maximum health!). And heck, if you are anyone in America, buy someone a gift for any holiday and help kick-start the economy.

For those of us who also purport to the religion of Gamer-dom here is another way to celebrate the wintery seasons. Run a definitively winter or holiday themed game. Here are some plot hooks to get you started.

  • Santa Claus Needs Help
    Much like the Father Christmas scene in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, or the ever brilliant Ernest Saves Christmas, Santa Claus (or the appropriate equivalent) needs help in completing his yearly trip. Maybe he needs someone to light his way (continual flame spell on a reindeer’s nose?). Maybe he needs someone to help build toys? Maybe he needs someone to make a Shadowrun against a rival mega-corp and take their operation out? Whatever the situation Santa needs help and the PCs are the only ones who can do it.
  • Protect the Candles
    This one is particularly Jewish in theme. Judah Maccabee has relit the sacred candles, but is still being hassled by the forces of Antioch the 4th (or something appropriate to the world setting) who originally desecrated the temple. The characters have to protect the burning candles for 8 nights. Maybe they need to escort Judah to and from the site of the candles.
  • The Island of Misfit Golems
    A rogue inventor has been creating the most strange and unusual automatons on his snowy island home. Thankfully he isn’t of much bother to anyone in the village, but once it is known that the key to close off a demon spewing pit is only to be found there the PCS have to run off to get it. Along the way they are sure to meet the unique and confused golem whom the inventor has created and left behind…
  • Oh Krampus
    What traditional Christmas spoof would be complete without Santa’s not so jolly counterpart Krampus? The devilish compatriot to St. Nicholas is running amok and causing issues. Every night leading up to the winter festival he/she/it has been rattling chains and tormenting those found out after dark. Though no deaths have been reported yet, things are beginning to get scary. Is this really an imp or monster prowling the streets, or is it a prankster?
  • Agnostica Agog
    Inspired by Darren Bluel’s Agnostica Holiday, the heroes must retrieve a special box full of unknown things. Their benefactor, a kindly King named Luca, bids them not to open the box before the night of Agnostica. He also warns them they will be challenged by the Nefarious Gav and his Giant ant automaton! Beware of drinking too much gogli.
  • Festivus for the Rest of us
    A large and hairy yeti, who is strangely bald on his head, encounters the group in the wilderness and bids them join him by a warm fire. Once around the fire he announces that the night is actually the night of Festivus and the group must help him with the traditional festivities. First they must air their grievances against one another, next one of them must wrestle him to the ground, with the final being the traditional dancing around the Festivus pole . . .by the yeti. Mmmmm Festivus yeti pole dance.

So, what other holiday plots are rattling around in there? Share your twisted take on the winter holidays and tell us about any actual play experiences.