Today is launch day on Gnome Stew, and we couldn’t be happier to have you here — welcome to the Stew!

Gnome Stew is a brand new blog written by GMs, for GMs. We think about GMing in every waking moment (okay, GMing and hot, hot gnome sex meals), so we figured we’d put our obsession to good use. Here on Gnome Stew, it’s all game mastering, all the time, from system-neutral GMing advice and ideas to system-specific suggestions to help make running your games easier and more fun.

There will be plenty to read and explore here starting just a bit later today, so I won’t bore you with a long introduction. Instead, I’ll just hit on three things:

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Gnome Stew supports Gravatars — globally recognized avatars. If you already have a Gravatar, there’s nothing you need to do — it’ll show up next to every comment you make here.

If you don’t, get one here. They’re free, and lots of sites support them.

Thank You!

Gnome Stew, like any blog, can’t work without its authors, its readers and its early adopters. I want to thank the nine authors who joined me in launching this crazy thing: John Arcadian, Patrick Benson, Walter Ciechanowski, DNAphil, Scott Martin, Adam Nave, Matthew J. Neagley, Kurt ‘Telas’ Schneider, and Troy E. Taylor. You guys are awesome.

From all of us here at Gnome Stew, a huge thank you to our readers — now, and in the coming days and weeks as we shape the Stew into a kickass GMing blog. And a special thank you to the 250+ folks who subscribed to our RSS feed and emails — and to the 60+ readers who registered accounts before there was even anything to do with those accounts — before Gnome Stew launched. That early momentum gave us a great boost.

Enough blathering from me — let’s talk GMing. We’ve got a range of posts coming your way today, with more to follow. Thanks again.