Andy Collins, Wizards of the Coast’s RPG Development & Editing Manager, wrote to us asking if we thought our readers would be interested in this job opening at WotC. We think you’ll be interested:

A new job posting for an RPG Editor just went up on the Hasbro job site.

This person reports directly to me, so I have a vested interest in (and significant influence on) the result of this hiring process.

I want to hire a talented, experienced editor with a love of games and at least a basic knowledge of D&D (or similar games).

I’ll be honest: I’m not looking to hire someone for their first editing job. I don’t require you to have professional RPG editing experience, but if you can’t cite something related to the job duties on your resume, I advise you to look elsewhere for your opportunity to “break into the industry.”

If you think you have what it takes, submit your resume now!

Good luck!

If that sounds like you, I encourage you to send in your resume.

Maybe you can help edit gnomes away from being anime hairdressers (scroll waaay down) and back into being felt-hatted mini-dwarf badasses while you’re there?