It’s that time again, when summer starts to wind down and back-to-school sales start to spool up. In honor or celebration (or simple vote-whoring), many states in the US will have Tax Free Weekends. For two reasons, this is an excellent time to stock up on school gaming supplies (sorry, but Cheetos are still taxed).

Reason Number One is simple: No sales taxes on school supplies. The sales tax on a pack of notebook paper is pretty insignificant, but most states include more-expensive items. In Texas, clothes, shoes, and backpacks up to $100 are tax-free. Throw in a year’s worth of notebooks, pencils, graph paper, etc, and you could save lunch money for a few weeks.

Reason Number Two is a bit more subtle, unless you read the newspaper. To get in on the feeding frenzy, local retailers will put up ‘loss leaders’ that draw in the back-to-school crowds. Here in Texas, it’s not uncommon to see notebooks for a nickel, boxes of pencils for under a dollar, etc. 

So if you want a deal on a year’s worth of gaming supplies, check here to see if your state has a Tax Free Weekend (or week), and get to shopping!

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