Random Thoughts on Gaming, Gamers, and Other Things.

Every now and then, I’ll hear or think of something that seems cool, but isn’t worth an entire blog post. When I collect a few of these nuggets o’ wisdom (or dross), I’ll post ’em here under Wandering Damage, along with something amusing or geeky I overheard at Gen Con.
  • Game mastering is an art form. Don’t let any overeducated elitist tell you any differently. If so-called artists regularly had to structure their art around unstable factors like player characters, repaint entire vistas on the fly, and balance all of the disparate elements that make up gaming, all for the pleasure of a nonpaying audience of less than a half-dozen people, there would be far fewer galleries in the world.
  • An adventure may well contain a moral, but it should not push an agenda.
  • A minute spent goofing off at the table is a minute not spent gaming.
  • All of the GMing advice or game theory in the world is useless unless you actually get behind the screen and run a game.

Things Overheard at Gen Con:

  • “I would have taken an earlier flight, but I had to get my comics.”
  • “A golf cart would kick ass right now.”