Dungeon Mastering has been nominated for a 2008 ENnie Award for Best Fan Product, and I want to urge you to vote for Yax and his site.

Back when I ran Treasure Tables, I supported Yax when he was just starting Dungeon Mastering. Since then, Yax’s site has grown into a fun, exuberant and useful resource for D&D game masters, and in my opinion one of the best RPG sites on the web.

He’s also been a big supporter of Gnome Stew, giving us some great buzz before our launch and all sorts of link love ever since. That’s a two-way street, as DMing.com is a regular in the top section of our weekly Gnome Rodeos, and rightly so: Yax publishes some great articles for GMs.

But I don’t want you to vote for Yax and Dungeon Mastering just because we’re RPG blog buddies, although that’s part of it. I know how hard it is to take a one-man site from zero to ENnie nomination material, and Yax has done a killer job. I think he deserves the gold ENnie for Best Fan Product, and I hope you’ll help him win it.

My hat’s off to his competitors, and I wish them the best of luck — but I’m pulling for Yax all the way. Thanks for reading — now get out there and vote! The ENnies are the only RPG award I pay much attention to, because they combine peer review and fan voting in a very cool way, so I hope you’ll vote in every category where you’ve got a favorite.