Sure the title sounds like the latest Street Fighter videogame, and it’s the weekend (traditionally a pretty slow time here on TT) and summer/pre-GenCon (which I’m gathering slows down many RPG sites)…but sometimes you just have to post ’em when you think of ’em. This is one of those.

Here’s the idea: Why not collaborate to create an adventure, or an entire campaign, much like the writers of a TV show?

Several GMs could get together online, probably via a mailing list (perhaps with light website support as well), and come up with the framework. Everyone would pitch in, improve the original idea and add twists of their own — and then play it with their own groups.

Compile the actual play feedback from several groups, and you might have a pretty interesting package to put online, either for free or as a low-cost PDF.

Am I onto something? Would you participate? Would you download/buy/play the outcome?

Update: This project is now underway, and we’re full up on participants. I’m not sure what our timeframe will be, but stay tuned!