I’ve made a number of small changes to the site since the start of this month, but nothing major enough to announce on its own. Tweaks include:

  • Mini-link to comments at the top of every post (just the number).
  • Links in post and page bodies are now underlined.
  • Fewer posts on the main page.
  • Category archives now display as lists again, rather than full posts.
  • Post and comment counts are back in the sidebar.
  • Lots of small stuff like text padding and similar fiddling.

I do have one lingering major layout bug, unfortunately, and I’m hoping a TT reader might be able to help me solve it. (I asked about it on the usually-helpful WordPress support forums two weeks ago, and haven’t gotten any feedback.)

Update: The layout bug has been fixed by John Arcadian of Silvervine Games — thank you so much for your help, John!

On posts with closed comments (for example: Being a Player is Like Using a Flashlight), the footer doesn’t expand to fill the width of the screen (like the header does). On posts with open comments, it works just fine.

I had a similar problem with the right sidebar that I was able to resolve on my own by changing where the sidebars appear in the code. Before I fixed it, the right sidebar would “fall” to the bottom of the page on posts with closed comments.

When I load other themes that have “expand-to-fill” footers, they work with just fine on all posts. I suspect this bug is theme-specific, but unfortunately the theme designer doesn’t take questions. If you have any ideas how I can fix this, I’d love to hear them — and thank you in advance!

And now that you’ve had some time to get used to the redesign, what do you think of it? I know I won’t be able please everyone (just like the old design didn’t please everyone), but my goal is to please as many readers as possible.