What’s the Crock Pot? Just a simmering bowl of lentils and herbs, with a dash of DMing observations. Don’t be afraid to dip in your ladle and stir, or throw in something from your own spice rack.

Gnome-je vu

Why all the 4E fuss? I’ll tell you why.  Gnomes are in the Third Edition Monster Manual, too. And they have a lair (“Gnomes make their homes in hilly, woodland lands. They live underground … those who come to visit and are welcome are ushered into the bright, warm burrows”), they have treasure (“Treasure: Standard … they decorate their clothes with intricate stitching or fine jewelry”) and they even have a minion (“they enjoy the company of halflings”). OK, that was cheap shot, but  I ask you: What re-envioning of the gnome disqualified them as a player race anyhow?


You want to see a kick-ass gnome? Try this one from Paizo.

A little hard to mow around

My wife is slowly adding to her collection of concrete lawn ornaments shaped like the Seven Dwarves. But they look like gnomes to me. Cuz one of the statutes is female! There weren’t any females among the Seven Dwarves – were there? (Unless Doc was really a female crossdressing as a guy …Hmmmm.)