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Troy’s Crock Pot: Son of Fantasy Wagon Train

Based on the positive response from the my recent d100 random generator, Fantasy Wagon Train [1], I thought I would present another – this time along the lines of a suggestion user Randite made in the comments.

So back beneath the shade tree my daughter and I went, iPad in hand. While a new batch of terrain-making plaster set, we brainstormed about the sorts of appropriate, yet sometimes strange and interesting folk you might encounter in a fantasy world’s version of a rest stop.

Perhaps your caravan has arrived at a roadside inn, oasis, caravanserai, way station or some type of land-based port along the merchant trail. These hubs were often busy places — no less so than their ocean voyage counterparts, ports of call.

But what nonplayer characters populate these stopovers? The players will want to know, so their characters can interact with them.

The staff of the caravanserai / wayside hostel is static, and includes the following. If you want, roll a d10 to determine your “spotlight” character for a possible encounter.

To populate the current visitors to the caravanserai, roll a d10 for each breakout category, or roll a d100 on the following chart 2d6 times to get a truly random assortment.

Now, roll d10 on each of the following charts as required by rolls above:




Locals and hangers-on

Spies and ne’er do wells


Caravan leaders

Caravan services

Sellers at the local bazaar


I hope this random generator serves a need, just like the Fantasy Wagon Train did.

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4 Comments To "Troy’s Crock Pot: Son of Fantasy Wagon Train"

#1 Comment By Razjah On July 27, 2012 @ 4:21 pm

This is an an excellent addition to your previous article. I approve.

#2 Comment By randite On July 27, 2012 @ 4:37 pm

Thanks, Troy! I love the new generator (to be fair though I liked the old generator too, I just wasn’t in-like with it, ya know). All of the entries are just brimming with plot hooks and have just enough detail in them to really set my imagination on fire. Plus the whole thing is stunningly modular. Need to have a merchant caravan with a few religious pilgrims and a military escort? Just roll a few times and you’ve got it. The same goes for a truly random caravan that started as just a group headed in the same general direction. A few rolls and you’re there.
I really did intend to create something like this to share with everyone under the original article but now I’m glad I didn’t… because I really like this one. Plus my generator would’ve been a bit too specific to the low-fantasy game I’m about to start to be useful for most.

#3 Comment By Troy E. Taylor On July 27, 2012 @ 8:04 pm

Glad you all like it. Sorry I’m so late to respond — putting in extra hours at the gemstone mine.

#4 Comment By Roger Brasslett On August 16, 2012 @ 11:11 am

I could use a crock pot like this for shop/tavern owners, their personalities, and potential adventure/quest hooks. 🙂