What’s the Crock Pot? Just a simmering bowl of lentils and herbs, with a dash of DMing observations. Don’t be afraid to dip in your ladle and stir, or throw in something from your own spice rack.

Just a little peek

The more I DM, the more I want to roll in the open. Mostly, it keeps me honest and it dampens hard feelings when the rolls go against the players. But I still want my adventure notes, which are in a three-ring binder, behind a DM screen. The logistics get complicated. I think I need a dice roller that doubles as a DM screen. I guess a visit to the wood-working shop is in order.

Ker-plunk, thunk, take out a chunk

Big oversized dice and dice made of metal gouge holes in my kiitchen table. Sorry guys, but they’ve been banned.

Hoist the colors

I think my blue dice don’t like being in the pouch with my red dice. A lot of low rolls since I mixed them in. So far, my white dice haven’t changed. The perils of having patriotically-colored dice.