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Blogging for GMs, Day 25

The Blogging for GMs [1] project is in its final week, and we’ve got 3 posts for day 25:

Frank Filz [2] contributed Game Master Characters [3].
Arref Mak [4] posted Amber: high school age startup [5].
Brannon Hollingsworth [6] has started a new series of posts, with GM Inspiration, Week 1 [7].

This is Frank’s third post for the project, and he takes a look at a rather unusual way to use NPCs who are part of the PC adventuring party. Arref’s post offers 8 tips on starting an Amber game for high school students (which can be applied more generally to starting up any game with a new group), while Brannon lists 8 sources of inspiration for your game, along with some specific examples.

Thanks, Frank, Arref and Brannon!

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