image trisj asks a very good question over in the Suggestion Pot

You have reviewed various programs/apps that can help GMing; how about a compiled list of “Apps for your mobile device you must have,” or “Tiny proto-robot makes killing PCs easier (I jest).” Most people have some kind of smart phone these days and not everyone wants to bring their laptop.

It would be nice if the list was not iPhone-centric.

I’m not sure if we can make you an exhaustive list, but we can definitely send our little gnome-bots out to scour the interwebs, kill halflings, and report back the best that we find. Oh look, the gnome-bots are returning already caked in blood.

The Essentials

Apps, Apps, Apps










Web Pages That Work Well On A Mobile Site







  • Online Name GeneratorAll (HTML) — Not sure how well the page will look on a small screen, but the big buttons for generating names and the variety might make this a good choice.



Wow there are a lot out there, want more? Try these sites

The Gnome-bots got tired trying to find all of best apps out there. While I picked the best apps I could find based off of reviews and forum posts, there were a whole lot more out there. Want some good search tools? Try these sites:

So, what essential apps have I missed? What would be the “Killer App” that you want to see on a mobile device? Are you in fact reading Gnome Stew on a mobile phone right now? Freaky.

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