We get reader feedback about the Stew regularly, and we listen to it. As a result of that feedback, and of our own internal efforts to continually improve Gnome Stew, we’ve just rolled out three technical upgrades: multiple login options, comment editing, and RSS feed improvements.

Log In With Facebook, Google, Twitter, Windows Live, and Yahoo

We’ve opened up our commenting to allow you to login with many other service providers. In order to do this, you’ll have to agree to our comment policy. Once you do that, you can log in with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Windows Live, or Yahoo and post comments.


Comment Editing

It’s easy to make a typo or mess something up when typing out a comment, so we’ve upgraded our comment box to let you edit comments within a short time after posting them. Just click on the Click To Edit button after you’ve made the post.


Better RSS Feeds and Some Backend Issues Fixed

We’ve tackled a few technical issues on the backend of things and rooted out some kobold agents who were attempting to sabotage things for some of our international readers. While we were undoing the damage, we decided to upgrade our RSS feeds with better image coding. If your RSS reader of choice can display images, then you can see all the images in Gnome Stew Posts on your computer, phone, or other device.


Coming Soon… A New Look and Mobile Options

Our throwing new ingredients into the Stew doesn’t end here! We are currently working on two major upgrades: a reworked design for Gnome Stew that will make it easier to find and read the articles you need, and a mobile-ready site so that you can access the Stew on the go.

If you have feedback about the new upgrades (which are now live), future upgrades, or ideas for improving the site, please let us know in the comments.