I spent a couple hours last night importing album art and fiddling with my iTunes playlists, so I’ve got music on the brain.

If you use mp3s for background music during your games, playlists offer variety with a consistent theme. With shuffle turned on, you get maximum variety; with shuffle off, you can match tracks to a rough sequence of events, like exploration or combat.

You could kick off with your campaign’s opening theme song, of course, and then cue up appropriate situational playlists as needed:

  • Inspiring, “off to adventure!” music
  • Battle music
  • Genre-appropriate general background music
  • Crowd scene background music
  • Dark, heavy tracks for the BBEG
  • Cooldown music for the denouement

…and so forth. Do you do this in your games? What tricks do you use to make the most of your playlists?