Does your campaign use taxes? Today’s a great reminder that taxes have been with us ever since one person could coerce/convince/threaten others to pay them. In the US, generally considered a low-tax nation, the upper tax bracket is 35%, and if your ‘adventuring party’ is considered a corporation (by way of their Adventuring Charter), they’re also subject to a 35% corporate tax rate, for a total tax bill of 42.25% of gross adjusted income. (Of course, you can probably write off that magic armor, although I would guess it would have to be depreciated over a few years.)

OK, this is only partly serious, but if you look at the traditional fantasy campaign from the point of view of someone running a country, you’ve got extremely high-wealth individuals, claiming to work within the boundaries of the law, running around and producing so much wealth that they are causing inflationary effects wherever they settle. Not to mention the accidental breaking of ancient seals, releasing of hordes of demons/orcs/undead, burned down taverns, etc. that the government has to deal with. These guys are almost demanding to be taxed.

I missed the perfect opportunity in my last campaign to tie taxes to an Adventuring Charter (which allows the PCs to keep the sword they found in the ancient crypt, regardless of whose grandfather it belonged to). I don’t think I’ll make that mistake again.

So, leaving out all politics, especially the bumper sticker catchphrases, do you tax your player characters?