To close out 2012, I wanted to share my annual rundown of Gnome Stew’s site statistics and our milestones from the year.

Let’s start with the numbers, with notes/comparisons to this time last year in parentheses:

  • 158,274 unique visitors (up about 1%)
  • 322,479 visits (up about 3%; approximately 52% of visitors are repeat visitors)
  • 628,534 pageviews (up about 8%)
  • Around 4,200 RSS/email subscribers (up about 7%)
  • Around 2,700 subscribers (We purged thousands of spam accounts in 2012)
  • 270 articles
  • About 3,160 comments (about 23,600 total, not counting pings)

These numbers could be better, but I like them overall. The site’s readership grew modestly in all categories, whereas it shrank in nearly all categories in 2011. Growth is good, and I’d like to see more of it, but for now I’m happy with stability plus modest growth.

One thing that tells me is that the advice we took from our readers, and the changes we made to the site over the course of 2012 (more on those in a moment), had an impact on the size of our readership.

In terms of milestones, it’s been a fantastic year for the Stew:

It’s been a good year — our fifth, if you can believe it (I sometimes can’t), with the site’s next birthday coming in May of 2013. Thank you for reading Gnome Stew, commenting on our articles, buying our books, and spreading the word about the site to other GMs. You, our readers, have always, do, and will continue to rock on toast.

In closing, happy New Year, and many happy returns!