So, uh, hey, we’ve got a new site up.

After the cowardly attack by Kobolds who hacked our site on the very first day of April this year (evidence archived here and the ensuing twitter war and retaliation hack here, here, and here), we went deep into figuring out how they hacked us and realized we’d completely broken the site while trying to fix it… Stupid kobold hacking and not at all a really fun april fools day joke and cover screen for redesigning the site…

So we built a new site, with the very best bits and bobs we found laying around Gnome Stew’s headquarters. The last time the site was redesigned was back in 2012, so we figured it was time to change a few things up.  We are 100% sure there are no Kobolds on the site, no matter how many easter eggs you try to find or konami codes you try to enter. Plus, we think it even looks kind of pretty and modern.

We’re still fiddling with some of the bits and bobs and will be slowly improving a few things (like the guest article process and commenting options), but for now we’d love to hear if you have any issues or find any bugs. Just ping us at to let us know any issues you find and we hope the new site treats you well!