I’ve a fondness of a quote by Carlos Fuentes, “Writing is a struggle against silence.” There is always a story to be told and as an author it is difficult to not be thinking about that next tale that is struggling to escape. Writers are always writing, if not literally then conceptually, fighting against that silence.

As a GM I wonder if some of those same concepts apply to our craft as well. While I am not running a game at the moment, I’m always thinking about that next game, that next adventure, or a character whose tale needs to be told. I can’t imagine that I am unique in this regard and suspect that a great many of you identify with this dilemma.

It isn’t a commentary on the game that I am playing in–I’m enjoying it a great deal–but instead is a matter of the psychology of being a GM. Even going so far as to analyze “how would I have approached this game were I running it?” An interesting exercise that keeps my GM muscles from atrophying.

So, are you a constant GM? How do you engage yourself between games to combat the silence?