It’s an annual tradition here on the Stew to douse the fire, let the gnomes escape from the stewpot, and not try to round the little buggers up again until the new year.

Or, ’tis the season for reruns — the week when we take a break from writing new GMing content and instead bring you our favorite articles from the past year on the Stew.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us gnomes, and we’ll see you in 2012 — just in time for D&D 5th Edition the Mayan apocalypse!

Don Mappin’s pick

Thirty Years of GMing in the Books

Why Don chose this article: “I feel there are some good bits in there, particularly to re-enforce that we are always learning. There is no lofty end state where we’ve learned everything there is to know about GMing, simply the next challenge. This article is equally valid after 40 or 50 years (or more) of gaming.”

Walt Ciechanowski’s pick

Late Bloomers

Why Walt chose this article: “It surprised me when I realized that I always assumed that new PCs had to be at the dawn of their careers. As an older gamer with an older group, it makes much more sense for us to play older characters. My “lightbulb” moment was realizing that I could still make “beginning PCs” that were older without assuming that they must be more experienced at adventuring.”