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Garage Sale 2019,

It’s time for me to amble into my garage and offer up an assortment of the strange things that I find there. It’s a bit of a post-Christmas tradition here at the stew. I have to make room for all the coal Santa keeps bringing me for some reason… Each has an adventure seed baked in so feel free...

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Garage Sale 2017, It’s All Priced To Move!

It’s time for me to amble into my garage and offer up a handful of the cursed, dusty, and cursed dusty items that I find there. It’s a bit of a post-Christmas tradition here at the stew. I have to make room for all the coal Santa keeps bringing me for some reason… As is tradition, I’m offering up...

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Garage Sale 2016 Everything Must Go!

It’s time for my yearly garage sale article. Once again, it contains a set of items that your characters might find at a garage sale (or as loot or that might be brought to them by someone else who finds it) each with an adventure hook inside. Presented below are three items each with a mundane,...

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A New Sort of Garage Sale 2015

For the past six years, every January I’ve run a garage sale article. I’m loathe to give up a six year tradition, but response has been hit or miss and, to be honest, it’s gotten harder and harder to scrape a handful of campaigns out of my notebook for the article. So this year we’re trying...

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GMing Concept Garage Sale, 2014

Every year I write this article giving away some of my unused campaign ideas and every year it gets a little harder to write. Turns out I may not actually have the volume of ideas I once thought I did. I may have just had a massive backlog. Or maybe I’m just slowing down in my old age. Who knows?...

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GMing Concept Garage Sale, 2013

Once again January has snuck up on me and dealt extra backstab damage, so it’s time to pretend that my B-string campaigns are something anyone else would ever actually run and re-“gift” them to you. As usual, I expect the real gift will be the comments section where everyone else piles on with...

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GMing Concept Garage Sale, 2012

It’s that time of the year again, where as a belated holiday gift, I hand out my accumulated B-string campaign ideas from the previous year. Lucky you!  The real gift however, is the ideas in the comments section from readers. These are not only great campaign ideas, but they can be dropped into...

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Gming Concept Garage Sale, 2011

Somehow it seems surreal that we’re on the third of these yearly articles. Like the last two years, here are some campaigns from the minds of the gnomes that we want to share with anyone who can use them. As usual, if you’ve got a backburnered campaign of your own, share it in the comments! If...

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It Came From The Stew Pot

Calling all Writers! Come write for Gnome Stew!

We are always looking for new articles and gnomes to throw in the stew. Drop an article proposal over at

Guest authors get paid the same per article rate as full time staff gnomes.


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