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Paper or Plastic?

Your supermarket may still make the option available but for a few years now that oft-repeated question has no longer been uttered at my local market. Instead, the prevalent decision was made for us in that, unless you...

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Salvaging a Campaign

Run a campaign for long enough, and one of these will happen: Your players will ignore every subtle (and not-so-subtle) hint you throw at them, and do That One Thing that will tank the entire campaign. For whatever reason, the party swallows the Blue Pill, lets the Ringwraiths get the Ring, or...

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A Tale of Two Types

There’s an old adage amongst my gaming circles: “There are roleplaying games, and there is D&D.” This is not meant as a knock against Dungeons and Dragons of any edition or its derivatives for not being a true ‘roleplaying game,’ but rather an acknowledgement that...

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Meet The Meat Of My Game

This wasn’t the article I had been planning on doing for today, but it is in the vein of articles I’ve been thinking about for a while. The comments and feedback on Martin’s State of The Stew article are pretty thought provoking to us here at the Stew. Reading the multiple opinions that proclaim...

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RPG Faceoff – Determining The Right System

I recently did a review of Open Design’s Courts Of The Shadow Fey 4e adventure, an excellent little romp through the interaction between the fey courts and the mortal world. I was incredibly impressed by the adventure, and it reinvigorated an old similar campaign idea that I had been kicking...

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Game With A Gnome

An idea has buzzing about in my head for quite a while now, and I want to see it become a reality. I would like to host an online game for three Gnome Stew readers using ScreenMonkey and Skype. The game system will be Fudge with a few of my own variations to the rules. The setting is science...

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Hot Button: Rerolling Failures

Have you ever had this happen at a game? “I roll to see if I know anything about ancient ankthyrian architecture and where they might have hidden a secret door. Crap, didn’t get it. Let me just try that again…” or how about? “Ok, I know I’ve rolled 8 times to try to force the door, but the 9th...

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Dresden Files: Werewolves and Harpies, oh my!

At GenCon I was one of the lucky few who managed to find a slot at a Dresden Table. Rubi was kind to me, I guess. I’ve been a fan of the novels for years, and separately enjoyed games by Evil Hat– in fact, I’m running a Spirit of the Century game right now. Those two things came...

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