Robin Laws (who I’ve interviewed for TT) is compiling a history of GenCon. It’s slated for release at GenCon Indy 2007, and here’s the fun part: Robin is looking for anecdotes from gamers about their GenCon experiences.

GenCon has a lot to offer GMs — see GenCon 2006 and GMing for some examples, mainly gaming goodies. I love GenCon, and with the exception of the hellish registration process (which I wrote an open letter to Peter Adkison about earlier this year), it’s gotten better every year. I’m excited to see what Robin comes up with, and I think he’ll do bang-up job with this history.

If you have a great GenCon GMing story — or a great GenCon story of any sort — why not email Robin with your tale? (Update: Now located on the GenCon History website.)