When Gnome Stew launched on May 12th, 2008, we had a bit more than 60 registered members and 250 RSS and email subscribers (thanks to some pre-launch buzz).

In the 7.5 months since then, we’ve reached a level of readership that far exceeds anything I had expected. To put these numbers in perspective, it took my first GMing blog, Treasure Tables, two years to reach roughly the point the Stew has reached in less than one year.

  • 625+ registered members (a tenfold increase!)
  • 1,230+ RSS and email subscribers (nearly a fivefold increase!)
  • Over 103,000 unique visitors (173,000 total visits)
  • …and of those 103,000, over 69,000 visited more than once
  • Over 344,000 pageviews
  • We gnomes have posted more than 265 articles
  • …and those articles have received more than 3,000 comments

That, I have to say, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And somewhere in there, Gnome Stew became the most widely read blog dedicated exclusively to game mastering on the planet (which still boggles my mind a bit, I must admit!).

My thanks to my fellow gnomes, our amazing readers and members, and our advertisers for making 2008 a banner year for the Stew. Most of all, thanks for reading our work — that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

From all of us gnomes, Happy New Year! May your 2009 be filled with gaming, GMing, family, and all manner of other good things.