I have been going to conventions for years now. I love them and have made great friends from gaming with people I hardly know. This year because I was on King of the Nerds most of the people I ran into knew who I was, even when they were not part of my con buddies. So many of the same questions were asked over and over again; for a little while I forgot to pull my sleeve back down over my tattoo that TBS had blurred out. LOL

I’m really glad that the con staff was able to work with my gaming schedule so I could have time with fans of the show as well as time to game.

It is winter in Upstate New York so, surprise surprise, there was snow. This did not deter people from showing up; I went up a day early so I could make it to the convention on time. So I spent most of my time on Friday having girl time in my hotel room and making myself pretty. Friday night rolled around and it was time for my first event, a voice acting panel. Voice acting has always intrigued me. When I GM (game master) I love to bring characters to life by giving them their own voice. I really learned a lot at that panel. Many voice actors use Audacity to capture and edit their voices. Also since I am just starting out in trying to become a voice actor I can start recording with my Rock Band USB microphone. Next up was Dread, the scenario was a horror game set during the American Civil War in 1862. Dread has not been run for a few years but Windmill Games Co is finally bringing it back with new scenarios. (I may be in the works of writing my own scenario.) This game went late into the night and my character actually survived even though she was willing to give her life for one of the other characters. I think 3 out of the 8 characters survived. Not bad for a game that normally everyone gets TPKed (total party kill).

Later that night I got food with my hotel roommates and ran into a fan. My fan showed me some of his artwork, I really hope he continues pursuing it, his designs were really good. My friend Skotte showed us a really confusing game of matching flowers while we waited for our food. I’ll definitely try it again because it’s pretty. Of course, as with any sleepover, we talked late into the night about the games we all had been in or run that day.

On to Saturday, the day that most people show up for the con. I can never make it to the con in the morning on Saturday because of how late my hotel roommates and I stay up catching up and talking about our games. My first game on Saturday is Wuxia 2: Gun Fu, I love the over the top corniness of this game. Think of the best of B fighting movies, and you get to be the star of the show. It’s really satisfying beating up on the bad guys with awesome Kung Fu moves. Then it was on to my event, showing that week’s King of the Nerds. I sat through the episode of me getting eliminated again, soul crushing. But then I had a few fans stay and ask questions about the show and things got better. Really throughout the whole con I had many fans come up to me and ask me questions; I got a couple of random hugs from people I didn’t know. Hugs are the best.

With smaller cons I don’t usually plan for anything on Sunday because it’s the best day to chill with the people I haven’t seen for months and catch up on their lives. Of course there are pick-up games. We played a game I don’t remember the name of; we were jewelry stores trying to make more money than the other stores in the area AKA make more money than the other players. It was fun once we got the hang of it. There is always a pick-up game of Marvel run by Kevin, but it started later than I could stay. I made a character and then had to go home. I would’ve liked to play my new character, but I will have to wait until next time. I also missed out on B. G. Osorio’s Dark Refuge game, but he will be at the next con I am going to. Over all I had a great con and look forward to it next year.

I hope to see you at a future con!