While I was picking up supplies for work today, I ran across an organizational tool I hadn’t seen before: Post-it Sortable Cards.

They’re 3×5 index cards with a tacky Post-it strip across the top, lined on both sides and with header boxes on the front. The hook is that they’ll stick to most surfaces (like Post-its), but they won’t stick to each other.

Right out of the sample pack, this wasn’t quite true — they stuck too each other a little bit. But after a couple of shuffles, that changed and they shuffled freely. The only exception is when they’re back-to-back: The sticky bits stick to other sticky bits just fine.

The first thing that jumped to mind was using index cards and a cork board for prep. No cork board? No problem. They could also fill any of the many roles index cards already fill for GMs, with an extra fringe benefit. (See Tools of the Trade: Index Cards and Homemade Initiative Index Cards for some suggestions.)

I don’t know if I’m completely sold on them, but they are a very nifty idea. I’m a big fan of Post-its for GMing, so combining them with one of my favorite GMing tools — the humble index card — is a pretty good match.

My local Office Depot was giving out free samples, so you might be able to snag some testers in your neighborhood, too.