Over on Abulia Savant, my friend Don Mappin (who’s also in my gaming group, and is a longtime GM) posted a constructive rant about the underpinnings of yesterday’s TT post on player skills: What Do I Expect?

In a nutshell, Don suggests that focusing on a single “skill” — having fun — would be better for the gaming hobby as a whole. It’s a great counterpoint, and his perspective is an interesting one.

When it comes to players and GMs alike, I agree that passion for the game and the ability to have fun — and to be fun to have fun with — trump all other concerns.

I also see value in dissecting elements of both passion and having fun to find out how to best leverage that passion, and have more fun. Those camps aren’t incompatible for me.

In fact, I see three angles on this issue (so far): Joshua’s original list, which is heavy on RPG theory; Don’s rant, which puts fun over theory; and yesterday’s TT post on player skills, which is somewhere in the middle. That’s fertile ground for discussion!

What do you think?