In the comments to Have You Ever Run a Game Outdoors, Frank Filz and Scott M. linked up two RPGs with a twist.

Sherpa (by Stephan O’Sullivan, creator of Bunnies & Burrows) is designed to be played while hiking. In Stephan’s words, it “uses a digital watch with a stopwatch feature as a randomizer and a character sheet fits on the back of a business card.” Cooool.

The Nighttime Animals Save the World, created by Vincent Baker (Dogs in the Vineyard), is meant to be played while taking a walk with your kids. It even incorporates stuff you see, like fences, bushes and other features, into the story.

This is a fascinating niche, and one that it’s nice to know clever folks like Stpehan and Vincent have filled. Are there other RPGs out there that are specifically designed to be played outside?