Let me start this article by saying that I currently own a DSLite, and I was waiting on the newer 3DS to play 3DS games for two reasons: 1) I heard the 3D was improved for this newer console (I don’t want headaches, yo) and 2) I like to wait until I have a list of games I want to play and then just splurge on everything all at once. I have been (mostly) patiently been awaiting the release date for the new and improved 3DS for months; a backlog of games and fantasy novels definitely makes the time go by faster…especially when the novel list involves reading a LOT of Brandon Sanderson.

When I initially found out the new 3DS release date of February 13, 2015 a couple days ago, I was really thrilled. How awesome will it be to finally play Fire Emblem: Awakening, new Smash Bros, new Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Bravely Default, Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds/Ocarina of Time 3DS and a bunch of other titles? The 3DS has a really great library of games I want to play, games that many of you really enjoy. Not to mention, Majora’s Mask 3DS comes out the same day! I’ve been saving my pennies and counting the hours, and it’s only a month away now! AND it is just in time for Valentine’s Day. I can think of nothing better for Valentine’s Day than playing video games, watching Supernatural, and drinking a lot of mead. Take out for dinner. Perfect.

Now though? I dunno. I’m less excited. I still want to throw my money at Nintendo SO HARD, but I’m starting to get a little irked, guys. Here are all the little things that are adding up, building into a bit of nerd rage:

1) No charger. This isn’t a problem if you already HAVE a 3DS, but if you have something older like the DSLite or regular DS, you’re going to need to buy a charger. I understand why Nintendo did it; they figured that a lot of people already have one, but seriously, if you’re going to buy any new electronic device it SHOULD come with a new charger. People who had iPhone 5, for instance, already have a charger they can use for iPhone 6, but if they get iPhone 6, they still get a new charger. Besides, who doesn’t need a backup charger? What if you lose one? What if your silly kid loses one because they don’t keep track of their stuff? You bought a new device, why not include it. Really.

2) USA only gets the XL. Bigger is not always better, friends. If you are like me and you have ridiculously small baby hands, holding the XL feels clunky and a little awkward. Why do we only get the big one? Because Americans are big? Because Americans like super-sized everything? Dude.

3) Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate comes in a bundle, but Majora’s Mask does not come in a bundle? What gives? How hard would it have been to do this?

4) No custom plates. Kind of a minor gripe, but people like to make their everything feel special. Missed opportunity to earn a few extra bucks, Nintendo.

5) My biggest annoyance is regarding the pre-order for the Majora’s Mask special edition of the console. When it went up on Best Buy and Gamestop’s websites, I wasn’t even mad that it sold out in 15 minutes. I thought, “Oh man, fans really love this. That’s cool. If I don’t get a shiny gold awesome Zelda console, it’s not the end of the world. I’m still gonna get one and play games.” No. I am pissed off because a TON of these pre-orders are getting scalped on websites like EBay right as we speak. I think I saw an article that said as many as 800 consoles were up for grabs online, and the bidding/selling prices are $300 OR MORE. $300 for a console that goes for $199.99 retail. If you’re paying $300, you’re a sucker. If you’re paying even more than that, you’re even more of a sucker. Open up your wallet and bend on over because you’re getting taken. Are you flipping out of your minds, gamers? That extra $100 (or more…) could have been spent to actually buy games to enjoy on that sweet new system, but no, you’re going to reward a bunch of vultures and scammers by throwing your money down the toilet. Don’t encourage this behavior. GEEZ.

You know what I’m gonna do if I can’t pre-order a Majora’s Mask 3DS XL from Nintendo’s website or my friendly neighborhood gaming store? I’m going to pre-order a red or black one, find a sweet decal on Etsy from a small, honest vendor, and still have a console that looks awesome without wasting my money to reward crappy behavior in order to obtain a shiny thing.