In today’s link roundup, tips for new GMs, and maps, maps, maps:

Four Common Pitfalls for New GMs: Kit Reshawn’s excellent Roleplaying Tips article covers GMPC issues, spotlight time, clues and PC deaths — all great topics for folks who are just getting started on their GMing careers. As always, when I see GMing advice like this now, I wish I’d known this stuff when I started out.

Kayuda Maps: At GenCon, fellow GM-Fu panelist Zachary Houghton gave me a link to this site, which is currently in “private alpha” mode. I usually don’t link to stuff that’s not live, but I’m breaking that rule because Kayuda sounds so cool: it will let you upload and edit campaign maps, Google Maps style, complete with the ability to zoom in on specific areas. Bookmark it now and check back in a couple of weeks.

Gamer Printshop: Billing itself as “An RPG map printing service and more for game masters and RPG publishers,” Gamer Printshop can print your campaign maps — in sizes up to 36″x48″, with lamination and mounting options available. $36 for a full-color jumbo map ($48 laminated) seems pretty reasonable to me, although I don’t know how favorably it compares to, say, Kinko’s or Office Depot.